[cvsnt] Crashes

Oliver Koltermann okoltermann at gmx.de
Wed Apr 16 13:59:59 BST 2003

tmh at nodomain.org (Tony Hoyle) writes:

> So you're the *other* person who uses ampersand modules :)

It's just me, myself and I...

> There's nothing there to hang...  at that point it's just parsing
> the modules file & building the server-side sandbox.  Apart from the
> obvious (using (null) as a prefix, which will be fixed in the next
> release) it looks fine up to that point.  btw. If you specify a -d
> option it'll override the null until the fixed version is out.

What should go into this server-side sandbox? This is the cvs-serv6188
directory, right? In this directory I find just a CVS subdir with
an empty Entries, an empty Entries.Extra and following Repository:


> >I often read about crash dumps. How can I produce one? I guess there
> >is none because the processes don't crash but just hang. What else can
> >I supply?
> >
> If it crashes you'll get a dialog on the console asking if you want
> to produce a crash dump.  If you don't get that it probably hasn't
> crashed.

I shouldn't have asked. I never saw this dialog box before... until a
developer called me 30 minutes ago. When trying to send it to
crashdump at cvsnt.org the mailserver mail.nodomain.org says:
504 <mail>: Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname.
Is there any other place I can put it to? A FTP server or similar?

> At this point I'd suggest building a debug version and stepping
> through it, but if you're not a C person it'll be difficult.

I will think of this in a good moment. Hope I can try my luck on the
sources in the next days.

Thank you for the fast support,

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