[cvsnt] Error message after switching to CVSNT 2.0.2

Christian Manhart christian.manhart at ifs-it.de
Wed Apr 30 10:11:21 BST 2003

we recently moved our server from CVSNT 1.11.2 to CVSNT 2.0.3. 
On the client side we moved from WinCVS 1.3b8 to 1.3b13 (including
cvsnt client 2.0.2).
Within this step we also moved our repository (which has been on a 
network share before) to a local disk on the new server. 
Therefore we had to change our CVSROOT's in all existing sandboxes 
which I performed with a small WSH script. 
Everything went absolutely perfect but now I get a strange 
error/warning message after commiting files from an "old" sandbox 
(with modified "Root" files).
The message is in german language (seems to come from the OS
- Windows XP Prof.):
  "Das System kann den angegebenen Pfad nicht finden."
meaning something like 
  "The system is unable to find the specified path." 
Unfortunatley I have no idea which path could not be found.

Despite from this message the affected files seem to be committed 
correctly. A prior "cvs update" of the affected sandbox (before
committing) did not solve the problem.

The message definitely comes from "cvs.exe" as I get it from 
command line as well.

When comparing an "old" sandbox with a newly created one, 
I noticed the following differences:
1. In all "CVS" subdirectories of the "new" sandbox there is a 
   file called "Entries.Extra" which did not exist in the "old" 
2. I have an additional "CVS" subdirectory on the top level of my 
   sandbox which also has not been there before.
Is it possible that the error message could be related to this 
missing files/subdirs ? 
What could be the consequences if these files are missing ? 
Should I therefore recreate all sandboxes (as an update does seem
to be not enough) ? 

Thanks in advance for any help,
Christian Manhart

     > IFS Informationstechnik GmbH -- http://www.ifs-it.de <
 Christian Manhart - Trausnitzstrasse 8, 81671 Muenchen - Germany

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