[cvsnt] RE: Instructions for use of sspi with a Linux client

Lehman, Curtis CLehman at carrieraccess.com
Thu Jul 8 00:24:06 BST 2004

Thanks for the suggestion. I had been searching with goggle, but I guess I
missed that thread. I tried running the suggested commands and I get:

/usr/bin/cvs -d :sspi:username at my.cvs.address:/Project login

Cvs login: Unknow method (`sspi`) in CVSROOT.
Cvs [login aborted]: BAD CVSROOT:  `:sspi:username at my.cvs.address:/Project`

I am using CVS version 1.11.1. Could my client be to old? Were do I get the
latest Linux CVS client that might work? Any other suggestions?

Curtis Lehman

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Lehman, Curtis wrote:

> Has anyone found any cvs clients that will work on a Linux box using the
> sspi? If not, how do I get around the fact that my CVSNT server is setup
> use sspi? I searched the news groups and haven't been able to find the
> answer. (I found several people asking the same questions with no

That's odd, because I know I've personally answered a couple in the past
few weeks (See "Connecting from Linux to a Win2k server", 6/25 - 6/26,
additionally I responded to the note you posted...).  The CVSNT client
under Linux has a SSPI client that works, albeit limited to NTLM1 level.

> Here's an example that works for me:
>     cvs -d :sspi:gstarret at glen:/test login
>     cvs -d :sspi:gstarret at glen:/test ls

Glen Starrett
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