[cvsnt] Latest Updates

Tony Hoyle tmh at nodomain.org
Thu Jul 15 02:38:42 BST 2004

Siegfried Heintze wrote:
> Tony,
> Do you think my problems with update and checkout could be a bug? It looks
> like the server is incorrectly concatenating the directory name with the
> prefix.
>    Sieg

It sounds more like you're mixing cygwin and non-cygwin cvs, which won't 
work at all...  I'd remove cygwin cvs completely from that machine, and 
don't go near bash or anything cygwin related until you have it working 
(the easiest way is to use WinCVS to start with then get used to the 
command line later).  Once it's working then you can find out what works 
and what doesn't work.

Also make sure you're not using network drives anywhere.


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