[cvsnt] Tag entire repository

Aaron Kynaston akynaston at novell.com
Thu Jul 22 16:51:46 BST 2004

Can any one confirm this?

The tag I'm setting in the repository should get set on every file
regardless - it's a backup tag marking which revisions are under the
backup - if some one is checking something in at the moment, I was under
the impression directory locks were still in place, and that my rtag
would wait until they've had their locks removed.

Sorry to drag this one on, but I still feel it's black magic and would
like to get my hands around it.


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> >Nearly forgot, if you use the rtag command, you'll want to
> >save yourself a lot of pain and suffering by locking out
> >other users while the repository is being tagged.  Otherwise,
> >you'll end up with partial check-ins.
> >
> Shouldn't do... the atomicity code handles that.
> Tony

Perhaps I should have been more specific.  By "partial check-ins"
I mean a check-in consisting of multiple files.  If you rtag
while someone is doing a check-in of multiple files, you might
end up tagging some of the newer versions and missing others.

While the atomicity code prevents interruption of a single
file check-in, I don't believe it prevents check-ins happening
during the entire rtag process (at least not with the versions
I've used (1.11 and previous)).
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