[cvsnt] CVSNT Broken! taginfo - Additional Info

Tony Hoyle tmh at nodomain.org
Thu Mar 24 19:02:37 GMT 2005

Bo Berglund wrote:
> So far we have been letting the loginfo list of files stay on the
> command line because it is seldom the case that someone commits
> several hundred long-name files in one go.
> But whan that happens then the  %{sVvt} syntax is waiting to produce
> the same kind of error from Windows as taginfo was.
> But it is of course much more common to tag an entire folder of many
> files than to commit them after editing...

Loginfo is special - stdin is a formatted message (presumably designed 
for sending to email originally), so you can't change that easily.

If you send the file list the standard input you lose the other 
information, so you have to format it manually into the command line or 
standard input... it's not something that'll work as a default because 
we have to be compatible, but try:

DEFAULT perl filter.pl %r/%p << Log Message:\n%m\nFiles:\n%{sVvt}\n

Which calls the filter with the logical path (use %R/%p for the physical 
path), with the log message and complete list of files in the standard 

btw. I just wrote the filter line off the top of my head so might need 
fiddling if it doesn't work...


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