[cvsnt] CVS reported error: cannot rename file (Not AV problem)

Peter Crowther Peter.Crowther at melandra.com
Mon Dec 4 16:36:03 GMT 2006

> From: Harrison, Andy
> It does seem to be load related - the more people trying to access the
> server, the more likely it is to happen. However, the CPU load doesn't
> seem to be very much, it's just the disk that's hard at work. 
> Last time
> I checked, there were 10 active cvs.exe processes, but only 
> 2% CPU load.

Ouch.  That means something else is the bottleneck (or there's a gotcha
in the code, but let's be optimistic and assume load-related for the
moment), and it sounds like disk.  Which could also be swap-related if
there's excessive memory use - ISTR Tony saying cvs.exe could grow quite

Any chance you could monitor disk subsystem load (the simplest 'single
number' is average disk queue length on the phyical disk(s) that have
the CVS repo on, and also on the CVS temp dir if that's different)?
Also Memory/pages per second?  When it happens again, those values could
be interesting.

Any chance you can add a separate spindle or set of spindles for CVS
temp if you haven't already?  Might make some difference, might make
none at all.  I assume there are no I/O timeouts or similar listed in
the event log?

What have I missed? :-)

		- Peter

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