[cvsnt] WinCVS toCVSNT - help please

David Pfeiffer davidmp at dpasoftware.com
Fri Dec 8 01:44:27 GMT 2006

I'm stuck,

I'm trying to get WinCVS to access a remote server running CVSNT

The CVSNT is running on a Windows Server 2003. I have opened Port 2401/TCP
on the server. 

Here is the connection string from WinCVS to connect to the server.

cvs -d


Here is the error I'm getting when trying to connect to the server:


cvs [server aborted]: Protocol error: Root request missing

***** CVS exited normally with code 1 *****

Any Help would be very much appreciate, I've been banging on this for about
6 hours.

Thanks in advance,



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