[cvsnt] Problem to migrate from CVSNT 2.0.41a to CVSNT 2.5.03 (build 2382)

Bruno GAUTIER bruno.gautier_NOSPAM at basystemes.fr
Thu Dec 14 08:06:12 GMT 2006

>> Bruno GAUTIER wrote:
>>> As I wrote in the first post, the only probleme we had after the
>>> migration concerns only the linux client. They couldn't log on the
>>> repository. Everything was OK for windows without changing anything (on
>>> the server or on the client).
>>> CVSROOTs are roughly the same :
>>> Windows : ":pserver;username=MyName;hostname=srvwin:d:\cvs\systemmgr"
>>> Linux : ":pserver:Myname at srvwin:/d//cvs/systemmgr"
>> d:\cvs\systemmgr is not an ideal cvsroot... as Glen said earlier, set up an
>> alias using the cvsnt control panel applet (e.g. \systemmgr) that maps to
>> your physical root (i.e. d:\cvs\systemmgr) then get your clients to refer
>> to the respository via the alias.
>> FWIW, /d//cvs/systemmgr is not the same as d:\cvs\systemmgr (but it was
>> under earlier versions of cvsnt).
> Thanks for your help

your solution has solved the problem. I only create an alias for each 
repositories, so Linux and Windows have the same CVSRoot and it works 


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