[cvsnt] Analysing Logs

Peter Crowther Peter.Crowther at melandra.com
Wed Dec 20 14:42:39 GMT 2006

> From: Tony D'Amico
> One says: - I had an important file on that repository and 
> now it is lost.
> You removed it. -
> Other one answers: - No, I did't. Actually you never put that 
> file into the
> repository. You likely forgot to commit you add. -
> How can I verify who is right and who wrong?

If the users have direct file access to the repository (i.e. they can
delete ,v files via the command line or a file explorer), you can't find
out via the history.  However, if the users can only access the
repository via the CVS client, then a deleted file will be in the
relevant Attic directory - not only can you settle the argument, but you
can get it back.  I hope they can't access the repository directly!

If your repository is backed up (it is, isn't it?!) then you might be
able to go far enough back on the backups to find out whether the file
was present.  You do keep archived backups of your repository over a
period of time, don't you? :-)

There are probably other techniques, but those are the ones I'm aware

		- Peter

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