[cvsnt] Analysing Logs

Tony D'Amico tonynux at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 15:32:13 GMT 2006

Hi to all of you. Thanks for replying.

users have ssh access, since ext protocol is used. This is bad, right?
Actually I don't know how to give ssh access with no user shell. Is it
May you please explain me what does exactly an Attic directory contain? Only
removed files?
There is no Attic directory under users working directory.

Well... actually... I still do not backup! I will setup an Amanda server,
but it is a difficult tool, so... "tomorrow" I will do it.

I'm not trying to pim the blame of them. This is just a trigger to learn how
to analyse logs, how to troubleshoot. Anyway, you are right: I have to
prevent a recurrence.

I did what you wrote: filename doesn't exist, so --> Other one is right.

Guys, I really appreciated your help! Thanks a lot.


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