[cvsnt] "Copying" a branch to trunk

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Wed Dec 27 12:07:45 GMT 2006


> My problem is this. Some months ago I started a branch to experiment 
> with some improvements. The experiment was successful, and the 
> branch code should become the trunk now - the old code will be 
> abandoned - maybe just some maintenance fixes on its own branch. 
> It is already all checked in and tagged.

In future do this on the trunk - anything "official" should be branched and maintained on the branch.  If you needed to "revert" the trunk back that would have been easy.

> Is there any way to "copy" a branch to the trunk (HEAD)? I mean, to 
> perform a merge without CVS generating conflicts?

As it is, probably the easiest way is to checout the trunk and checkout the branch into different directories and just copy the files from the branch sandbox to the trunk sandbox and then commit.  This obviously will NOT create a mergepoint.



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