[cvsnt] "Copying" a branch to trunk

Tony Eva teva at Airspan.com
Wed Dec 27 12:27:49 GMT 2006

Arthur Barrett wrote: 
> > Is there any way to "copy" a branch to the trunk (HEAD)? I mean, to 
> > perform a merge without CVS generating conflicts?
> As it is, probably the easiest way is to checout the trunk 
> and checkout the branch into different directories and just 
> copy the files from the branch sandbox to the trunk sandbox 
> and then commit.  This obviously will NOT create a mergepoint.

The command "cvs update -jHEAD -j<branch> <file>" will copy the branch
file to the trunk and create a mergepoint.  I believe that it will
simply overwrite the trunk version with the branch version, without
attempting to merge  -- at least, that's what it does whenever I use



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