[cvsnt] Modules file -o option

Srdjan srdjan.surlan at trinet.si
Fri Nov 10 07:29:27 GMT 2006

You could track edit, unedit, commit ....
to do this, user first must checkout some module

Read section about
"Watch, Watchers ..."

maybe contains some words about checkout


aqua wrote:
> Dear Group,
> I am new to CVS administration. I would like to track who has checked out a particular module. How do I find this? I have added a history file to the CVSROOT and the command
> C:\temp\CVSTest>cvs history -e -a
> gives the complete details. But I would like to get a email or a separate log for module "Checkouts". Could you please give some pointers in the regard.
> Also I tried to do this by adding a line in the CVSROOT/modules like 
> CVSTest -o /temp/test.pl CVSTest
> When I checkout a module from my command line
> =========
> C:\Temp>cvs co CVSTest
> cvs server: Updating CVSTest
> U CVSTest/dvi2ps.pl
> cvs server: Executing '/temp/test.pl CVSTest'
> =========
> But there is no log file creation. 
> ==== test.pl=====
> #!D:\Perl\bin\perl.exe
> open( TMPLOG,">>c:/temp/CVS_Test") || die "Cannot Open CVS_Test\n";
> print TMPLOG localtime() . " Checking Out " .  $ARVV[0] . "\n";
> close TMPLOG;
> ====
> Appreciate any pointers.
> Regards
> Dominic

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