[cvsnt] Modules file -o option

Bo Berglund Bo.Berglund at system3r.se
Fri Nov 10 08:10:16 GMT 2006

I suggest you use the CVSNT Audit function instead.
Using history is not a very good solution because there are no good
tools to extract useful information from that and anly certain actions
are tracked.
Audit on the other hand can be set up to track literally everything that
happens on the server and you can use normal database tools to extract
the information afterwards. This includes not only checkouts and tagging
but also updates and such things.

Here is a slightly old description on how it works, you can use it as a
starting point. After I wrote it CVSNT may have evolved with some
changes to the database schema so you should check yourself for the
details, but I think any such changes (if they exist) are pretty small.


Best regards,

Bo Berglund

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Dear Group,

I am new to CVS administration. I would like to track who has checked
out a particular module. How do I find this? I have added a history file
to the CVSROOT and the command

C:\temp\CVSTest>cvs history -e -a

gives the complete details. But I would like to get a email or a
separate log for module "Checkouts". Could you please give some pointers
in the regard.

Also I tried to do this by adding a line in the CVSROOT/modules like 
CVSTest -o /temp/test.pl CVSTest
When I checkout a module from my command line
C:\Temp>cvs co CVSTest
cvs server: Updating CVSTest
U CVSTest/dvi2ps.pl
cvs server: Executing '/temp/test.pl CVSTest'

But there is no log file creation. 
==== test.pl=====
open( TMPLOG,">>c:/temp/CVS_Test") || die "Cannot Open CVS_Test\n";
print TMPLOG localtime() . " Checking Out " .  $ARVV[0] . "\n";
close TMPLOG;
Appreciate any pointers.

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