[cvsnt] Newbie question on CVSROOT

Dave brown daveb at summit-soft.com
Fri Nov 10 21:36:50 GMT 2006

I'm sure you've received this question many times.  There is so much
information on wincvs and cvsnt that now I'm confused.  (info overload on a


CVS was installed about a year ago on our Unix server.  The Repository lies
on Unix: /u/cvsroot/.  While working directories on also on Unix in a
different directory.



Now, I come along wanting all of our developers to start using it via
wincvs.  I downloaded the latest to my desktop, but cannot perform any
commands do to cvsnt not able to find the repository.  I've tried to set
CVSROOT several times without success.


I'm also worried about how slow wincvs is.  1-1.5 minutes to launch.  


Are there instructions for loading wincvs/cvsnt on the client accessing the
Repository remotely?



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