[cvsnt] Newbie question on CVSROOT

Torsten Martinsen torsten at vip.cybercity.dk
Sat Nov 11 11:45:10 GMT 2006

Dave brown wrote:
>  Now, I come along wanting all of our developers to start using it via
> wincvs.  I downloaded the latest to my desktop, but cannot perform any
> commands do to cvsnt not able to find the repository.  I've tried to set
> CVSROOT several times without success.
> I'm also worried about how slow wincvs is.  1-1.5 minutes to launch.  
Shameless plug: You might want to check out TortoiseCVS 
(http://tortoisecvs.org/), which is an Explorer shell extension (i.e. it 
is always loaded) and is considered by many people to be easier to use 
than WinCVS.


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