[cvsnt] Newbie question on CVSROOT

David Somers dsomers at omz13.com
Sat Nov 11 12:22:06 GMT 2006

Dave brown wrote:

> I'm sure you've received this question many times.  There is so much
> information on wincvs and cvsnt that now I'm confused.  (info overload on
> a Friday)

Info overload or lack of caffeine? ;-)

> CVS was installed about a year ago on our Unix server.  The Repository
> lies
> on Unix: /u/cvsroot/.  While working directories on also on Unix in a
> different directory.

Working directories also on Unix... what do you mean by that? Your PC users
use a network share on the Unix box?

> Now, I come along wanting all of our developers to start using it via
> wincvs.  I downloaded the latest to my desktop, but cannot perform any
> commands do to cvsnt not able to find the repository.  I've tried to set
> CVSROOT several times without success.

You should consider asking for help on the WinCVS list as this looks like a
problem to do with how you are using WinCVS, and not cvsnt per se.

> I'm also worried about how slow wincvs is.  1-1.5 minutes to launch.

That is unusual... it should take a couple of seconds at the most to launch.

Are you using the latest version?

> Are there instructions for loading wincvs/cvsnt on the client accessing
> the Repository remotely?

Admin Menu -> Login click on "..." next to the cvsroot field... pretty
dialog appears so you can build the cvsroot.

David Somers

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