[cvsnt] Newbie question on CVSROOT

David Somers dsomers at omz13.com
Sat Nov 11 12:27:49 GMT 2006

Torsten Martinsen wrote:
> Shameless plug: You might want to check out TortoiseCVS 


> (http://tortoisecvs.org/), which is an Explorer shell extension (i.e. it
> is always loaded) and is considered by many people to be easier to use
> than WinCVS.

That depends on the people and what they are doing, doesn't it? If you are
used to working in IDEs, WinCVS comes very naturally... if you've never
used an IDE and live in Explorer (like most users opposed to programmers)
then Tortoise is a more natural (i.e. familiar) environment from which to

Being the schizoid that I am, I use both (although I tend to spend more time
in WinCVS than Tortoise).

But, at least there is the choice, so people can use what they like.

David Somers

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