[cvsnt] Question Regarding CVS folder and Import command

Gabriel Genellina gagsl-cvsnt at yahoo.com.ar
Fri Nov 17 00:30:43 GMT 2006

At Thursday 16/11/2006 19:53, Bo Berglund wrote:

> >I think you can create a TOP LEVEL module only using Import;
> >subdirectories can be created with Add.
> >That would be OK if you never check out a whole repository - and I
> >never do that, wold be nonsensical for our repositories. Most users
> >are interested on a few modules only, never on the whole repository.
>If you do this:
>cvs -d <cvsroot> co -l .
>then you will create a checked out sandbox of the top level of your
>repository but without the actual modules therein. After this is done
>you can create a directory inside this sandbox and then cvs add it,
>thus creating the top level module you are discussing.
>So it is not needed to use import to create top level modules!

Ah, thanks! Never thougth about it. And might be useful.

Gabriel Genellina
Softlab SRL 

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