[cvsnt] Is Active Directory supported on older versions?

Lehman, Curtis CLehman at carrieraccess.com
Mon Nov 20 16:45:25 GMT 2006


I have three quick questions.

1. I know we need to upgrade our CVS server version, but my IT department
just told me that they now have to upgrade our network servers to support
Microsoft Active Directory. (I'm still trying to learn what that even is.)
They don't even want to wait for all the sights to upgrade there CVS servers
and clients if they don't have to. Does anyone know if the old client and
server versions 2.0.51d will work with Active Directory?

2. If not, march hare says it will with the latest official release, Does anyone know of any limitations or known issues with
supporting Active Directory on the latest stable/supported version? I think
the answer to this is yes since march 

3. Is there an update on when the 2.6 will be officially released? I assume
that will work with Active Directory. Correct?


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