[cvsnt] Register comments on commit

iñaki inaki.villar at globalia-sistemas.com
Wed Nov 29 15:45:14 GMT 2006

iñaki escribió:
> Hi Peter, first thx!!!
> Well i don´t care now about quality of comments, problem is to force 
> comments. If developer don´t comment = No commit
> Peter Crowther escribió:
>>> From: iñaki
>>> But i don´t know how to force write comments in file...
>> Others on the list will tell you the technical solution.  The only 
>> real solution is to tell your developers to write proper comments, 
>> keep telling them when they don't do it, and hit them over the head 
>> with your procedures manual if they still don't.
>> Trapping bad comments is like writing an anti-spam system: you're 
>> always one step behind.  Developers will commit with blank comments.  
>> Then you sto that, so they put in "qqq".  Then you stop that, so they 
>> paste a line from their most recent email.  The solution is human, 
>> not technical: teach your developers why commit comments are good for 
>> them.
>> Just my €0.02.
>>         - Peter

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