[cvsnt] Hi (Some questions)

Luigi D. Sandon mailbox at sandon.it
Thu Apr 12 15:53:43 BST 2007

> http://web.telia.com/~u86216177/InstallCVSNT25.html

I understand your hate for "spaces" within file names (although CVSNT works 
with no pronlem), but be aware that if you install a program outside 
<program files> - whatever it is named in your Windows language, the newly 
created folder may have the *wrong* permissions set, unless you set them 
properly. It may be a *huge* security issue, because you may end up to run 
an executable with very high privileges from a folder which is not protected 

Windows does not enforce the location of executables (like *nix do), but 
please don't make it even less secure bypassing the protections that are in 
place. At least, warn users about the implications of installing the program 
in an alternate location.


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