[cvsnt] Converting from Linux CVS to CVSNT Windows 2003

Joe Petsche jvpetsche at mdsi2.com
Mon Apr 16 15:45:01 BST 2007



I have been using CVS for years on a Linux Environment (server).  I do
check outs on a variety of PCs.  Recently we have felt that it will be
beneficial to move the Linux checkouts to CVSNT.   I downloaded the most
recent version but can't get around using symbolic links like I did on
Linux.    My repository is setup in a fashion that I have some modules
at the root level, and the same modules inside another module (when a
change is made on module 1 it will be changed in both places).  I have
accomplished this by making symbolic links under Linux os.  I've tried
to utilize 'shortcuts' in Windows, with no luck. Does anyone have a
suggestion how I can do this in CVSNT / Windows OS?






My Repo:


Module 1 

Module 2

Module 3

Module A / Module 1

Module A / Module 2

Module A / Module 3


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