[cvsnt] CVS commit with -e option then unedit command gets previous version file

Gerhard Fiedler lists at connectionbrazil.com
Sat Aug 11 19:10:46 BST 2007

Vedprakash Patel wrote:

> I am trying use -e option of commit command i.e. keeping file checkout and
> checking in the code. Next version is generated say 1.7 for a file but if I
> execute unedit command it gets previous version 1.6 file.
> Here are the steps I followed:
> 1. Ckeckout a file class1.cs with version 1.3 (latest version)
> 2. Make some changes to file and commit with -e option
> 	Cvs commit -e class1.cs
>    New version is generated for the file i.e. 1.4
> 3. new unedit the file without making any changed to the file.
> 	Cvs unedit class1.cs
> 	Cvs asks to revert the changes and selected yes.
> 4. This will get previous version i.e. 1.3 in my local machine. But I
> expecting the version 1.4
> Any help would be valuable.

Given the state of affairs, probably the easiest workaround is to use a
batch script to run a normal commit followed by an edit command. (That's
how I thought the ci -e option was implemented, but apparently that's not
the case.)


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