[cvsnt] Combining a tag which contains all files with a tag which only contains a subset

Harding, Jonathan jonathan.harding at wachovia.com
Wed Aug 29 21:02:08 BST 2007

I am attempting to document the procedure for preparing a CVS sandbox
which can be used to produce a build for a patch release.


Example:  I have a repository with 3 files.  





I have applied a tag to all of these files names rel_c1234567


After the release went into production, a bug was found which required a
modification to file2.txt.  The developer modified file2.txt and tagged
with with the name patch_change.


How can I combine the production tag with this new tag which only
contains this one modified file?


This will extract my current production files:


cvs co -r rel_c1234567 1dev

cvsnt server: Updating 1dev

U 1dev/add.txt

U 1dev/file1.txt

U 1dev/file2.txt

U 1dev/file3.txt


I would then expect to be able to cd into the 1dev directory and execute
a cvs up -r patch_change and pull in only file3.txt, but that isn't the
case.  This is what I see:

$ cvs up -r patch_change

cvsnt server: Updating .

cvsnt server: file1.txt is no longer in the repository

cvsnt server: file2.txt is no longer in the repository

U file3.txt


It removed the other files.  



What am I doing wrong?  Is this even possible without checking the
repositories out separately and combining them using OS specific
commands like cp ? 



Jonathan Harding 
Assistant Vice President and 
Release Engineer


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