[cvsnt] cvs [checkout aborted]: writing ...

Stefan Bertels post at stefan-bertels.de
Thu Aug 30 20:16:47 BST 2007

Sebastian wrote on Thu Feb 8 13:36:54:
> I have the problem that out sandboxes are on a network share, and
> cvs-actions on files which are larger than 64MB fail with following
> message:
>       cvs [checkout aborted]: writing ..... invalid argument
> We use cvsnt 2.5.04 (Zen) Build 2471 and Wincvs.

We have the same problem here with, and The problem is independent of the server OS (samba or 
Windows). There is a difference for client machines: WinXP 64bit has 
this problem with files greater than 32MByte, WinXP 32bit fails with 
files greater than 64MByte. The problem occurs on any cvs command 
(update, checkout, add+commit). There is no problem if the operation 
works on a local drive, only sandboxes on network shares have this 
problem. We tested this only with binary files.

Best regards

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