[cvsnt] Cannot conect remotly

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Thu Dec 20 19:05:31 GMT 2007


> Of course there is a router, but it is mine (on the remote side). The
> server is connected to the internet inside of an hosting center.
> I also tried to access it from another server located in the 
> same network
> (at the same ISP). So there can't be any firewall between the 
> hosts. I've

If you can connect to port 2401 on the server, and not on another client
then there is something between the server and the client blocking port

There is no magic code in CVSNT Server that can detect that you are
connecting from a different machine and ignore your requests.

It may be a switch/router/firewall or any one of thousands of software
firewalls running on the server or the client.


Arthur Barrett

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