[cvsnt] strange behaviour while using reserved edit

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Thu Dec 20 19:08:09 GMT 2007


> I have encountered a strange behavior of CVSNT while 
> reserved-editing a
> single file - lets say: project/data/test.php and when in 
> "project" folder,
> the command:
>             cvs -r edit -c -- data\test.php

That is not a reserved edit.

-c is for 'concurrent' and -x is for reserved - however 'reserved' makes
no sense if the user can override it on the command line - you are
supposed to set the file as reserved then it will always be reserver:

cvs update -k+x file.ext
cvs -f -m 'change file to reserved' file.ext

cvs edit -m "this is a reserved edit" file.ext 



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