[cvsnt] cvsnt for word doc version control

Jim Hyslop jimh at view22.com
Mon Feb 12 15:07:41 GMT 2007

Tim Chippington Derrick wrote:
> We started another project recently (last autumn). We had a 
> big meeting at the start of the project about version and 
> configuration management. I argued strongly for CVSNT and a 
> text-based documentation system, or even using VSS (the 
> agreed project standard :-(  Yuk)

If you need additional arguments on why to stay away from VSS, have a
look at http://www.highprogrammer.com/alan/windev/sourcesafe.html Note
that the information on that page is about 5 years old, but most of it
is fundamental design issues that have probably not been addressed.

> got merged, the job wasn't perfect either. So we ended up 
> with a right mess, with multiple different versions of the 
> document being labelled v1.1 and v1.2. And don't forget that 
> this was the document that was supposed to be defining how 
> document version control was to be managed!
> Somebody please give me the strength to carry on living with this...

If, after that debacle, your co-workers still do not see the problem
with your process, then my suggestion is to update your resume and start
looking for a new workplace. You're fighting a lost cause, and life is
too short to waste time on other peoples' stupidity.

Meanwhile, you could try to have a Configuration Management expert
brought in, and pay this consultant obscene amounts of money just to
have him/her tell your boss the same thing you've been trying to say.
For some reason, management listens more to outside experts than to


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