[cvsnt] Getting error when entering a new IP of CVS server through CVS Root Macro

Tim Chippington Derrick tim at chippingtonderrick.co.uk
Thu Feb 15 13:43:21 GMT 2007

What macro are you referring to? I regularly move between several 
CVSNT servers (e.g. switching so I can update/commit an existing 
sandbox to either the man office CVSNT server or the CVSNT server on 
my laptop when I am off-site), and regularly use a macro in WinCVS 
for this - the macro at "Macros -> CVS -> Chanage CVSROOT" in WinCVS 
is very useful for this. Is this the one you are using?


At 11:55 15/02/2007, Vaibhav Raina wrote:
>Our location of CVS Server has changed to a new IP. I am trying to change
>this IP setting through CVS ROOT Macro. I have given the new IP and the
>console is showing the changed messages. But when I am trying to update a
>file or checkout a module I am getting the following error message:
>cvs server: connect to failed: A
>connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly
>respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because
>connected host has failed to respond.
>Here was our previous server IP. And this shows that the effect
>is not taking place. Sometimes I am also getting the error message as
>"absolute path" for the server should be used. Can anybody help as I am not
>able to connect to the CVS Server. I am using WinCVS client.
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