[cvsnt] Forcing binary behavior

Jim Hyslop jimh at view22.com
Thu Feb 15 20:48:11 GMT 2007

Nick Duane wrote:
> I am running CVSNT 2.5.03 and I'm having a problem getting 
> CVSNT to treat certain file types as binary.  I'm hoping I 
> can force this behavior, but after reading the docs and 
> trying a bunch of things I still can't get this to work.  
> When I build a windows binary I end up with an exe or dll and 
> also a map and pdb file.  I check all the files into CVS: 
> exe, map, pdb.  It treats the exe and pdb the way I would 
> like it to treat them, as binary files.  However, the map 
> file it appears to treat as text.

A .map file *is* a text file, so what's the problem?

In any case, why are you storing these artifacts? Store the source code,
and let VS regenerate the .exe, .pdb and .map. If you are concerned that
re-generated .map and .pdb files won't match a rebuilt .exe checked out
from a tag, then archive the .map and .pdb files along with your master
copy of the .exe file.

> actually attempt to show the diffs.  Is there a way to get 
> this behavior?

cvs diff --brief

will just show whether or not they have changed.


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