[cvsnt] Too many warnings (CVSNT 2.5.04 [Zen] Build 2471)

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Mon Feb 19 15:59:44 GMT 2007

Hans Pabst wrote:
> Hi,
> the following message appears with almost all current CVS server 
> installations:
> "cvs update: Codepage transformation not supported by server. Results 
> may not be correct"
> I would prefer to get this message per update *not* per file. All 
> files/updates requesting a transformation of the code page will emit the 
> above warning.

Either your server or client is badly misconfigured.  The only way to 
get that message is to manage to have a cvshome server send a codepage 
transormation request for a file... which is logically impossible since 
cvshome doesn't support codepages.

Perhaps you're going through some kind of proxy service that's 
corrupting the output?   It certainly isn't a general problem - checking 
out from sourceforge works fine, for example.


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