[cvsnt] 2.5.04 status?

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Mon Feb 19 16:16:02 GMT 2007

bwhicks at aep.com wrote:
> Hi, I know March Hare probably can't comment on 2.5.04 release dates, but 
> the last testing release was labelled RC1 and came out in September. Is 
> there some reason the new release hasn't come out? Not even a new RC? 
> What's going on with the next release?

It's all in Arthur's hands when the next release comes out.  I suspect 
he has too many things on his plate at the moment though.

We're in the transition between cvsnt and evs now so it's a bit quiet on 
both fronts - evs needs a good stable release before it's mainstream and 
cvsnt is in maintenence and isn't going to change significantly now.

As far as I'm aware the 2.5.04 release is good to go, except for some 
unicode fixes that were a problem with 2.5.03 anyway.


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