[cvsnt] Toad and CVS

Glen Starrett glen.starrett at march-hare.com
Fri Jan 19 15:19:36 GMT 2007

David Somers wrote:
>> I'm having a problem when trying to use toad with cvsnt.
> toad?

I believe he's referring to the swiss-army-knife of Oracle Admin/Dev 
tools.  My wife gets a gleam in her eye every time she talks about it... 
but her company has always been too cheap to actually buy it.

I have no idea how Toad interacts with CVSNT though -- so your command 
line repeat suggestion is good.

cvs -d {CVSROOT} co -r 1.1 Test/PK_CVS_TEST.PKS

(or something like that -- I don't know what paths you are using).

You could also use Workspace Manager to browse the repository and verify 
you can grab the file etc. using it (comes with CVS Suite, but not free).

Glen Starrett

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