[cvsnt] Can not see new created files on server repository

Onur Gungor Onur.gungor at gateelektronik.com.tr
Tue Jan 23 14:05:08 GMT 2007



Hi everyone;


I encounter with a strange problem. We use cvsnt for 3 months and
yesterday I create a new file in an existing module. Everyone who has
right to access the module can get the file with cvs update and can
track the changes on the revisions but on the server side (for backup) I
checked the repository and  can not find the last created file!!! Then I
crete a new module and add some files to see if the problem exists only
the previous module but unfortunately I am not able to see the new
created files on the server neither the old module nor the new created


We use cvsnt 2.5.03 (scorpio) Build 2382


Does anyone faced with this problem before? 


Thanks for your help.


Best regards...


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