[cvsnt] version numbers, tags & branches

Peter Crowther Peter.Crowther at melandra.com
Tue Jan 23 15:53:32 GMT 2007

> From: Dries Feys
> And a second question : is it actually possible to go to 
> version 2.x ? I 
> don't see an way to "finalise" version 1.x and starting the 
> 2.x branch.

You make a branch and call it myproduct_2_0 (or you branch
myproduct_1_23 for maintenance and do the 2.0 development on HEAD, which
would probably be my choice).  You probably don't want to "finalise"
anything in case you need to go back and fix a showstopper on 1.23.

If you're currently reading anything into CVS's internal revision
numbers for files, don't.  They're CVS-internal magic numbers and should
have nothing to do with your organisation's product revisions, even if
both happen to have the same n.nn.nn structure.  If you need to
represent your organisation's product revisions, use tag and branch

		- Peter

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