[cvsnt] Just-inTime Debugger error on cvs.exe

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Wed Jan 24 18:52:39 GMT 2007

Michael Wojcik wrote:
> When you get a Dr Watson log, that should help track down the bug.

Actually dr.watson logs are almost completely useless...

cvsnt calls dbghelp to create a dump file that contains the 
stack/variable image.  You combine that with the pdb files/source and 
it'll tell you where it fails.  That's usually a non-overridable setting 
(such that you can't even debug with the exception handler on - it has 
to be disabled for debug builds).

To actually get to drwatson or JIT means something happened outside the 
cvsnt exception mechanism.. or cvsnt is compiled debug (which it would 
say in the version string if so).  The other possibility is some kind of 
3rd party app failure that blames cvsnt (used to get this with mcafee AV 
on cvsservice.exe).


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