[cvsnt] Just-inTime Debugger error on cvs.exe

Michael Wojcik Michael.Wojcik at microfocus.com
Wed Jan 24 19:44:36 GMT 2007

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> Michael Wojcik wrote:
> > When you get a Dr Watson log, that should help track down the bug.
> Actually dr.watson logs are almost completely useless...

With a linker map and annotated assembly listings from the compiler, I
often find them quite handy, but YMMV.

> cvsnt calls dbghelp to create a dump file that contains the 
> stack/variable image.  You combine that with the pdb files/source and 
> it'll tell you where it fails.

Yes, that's easier, if you can get the user to send in the dump file.
(The new Windows error-reporting mechanisms can simplify that.)

> To actually get to drwatson or JIT means something happened  outside
> cvsnt exception mechanism..

Or something trashed the SEH chain, though that's rather unlikely,
barring active attack against a suitable vulnerability.

> or cvsnt is compiled debug (which it would 
> say in the version string if so).  The other possibility is some kind
> 3rd party app failure that blames cvsnt (used to get this with mcafee
> on cvsservice.exe).

McAfee seems to have a bit of a reputation for that.

Michael Wojcik
Principal Software Systems Developer, Micro Focus

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