[cvsnt] Unicode problems

Tony Hoyle tony.hoyle at march-hare.com
Fri Jan 26 14:24:48 GMT 2007

MJ wrote:
> Thanks for the reply - maybe Arthur can shed some light on this then.
> I the meantime i can answer one of my own questions: It has nothing to do 
> with the codepage translation. I have just reproduced the problem on another 
> server where server as well as client uses CP1252
No, since file contents aren't subject to it, only filenames and messages.

Files have their own codepage unrelated to the server codepage.  default 
is none, which bypasses all the translation, -ku changes it to UCS-2 or 
you can specify it explicitly eg -k{SHIFT_JIS}.  The client then 
converts that into UTF8 for transmission.


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