[cvsnt] help on cvs checkout command

Gerhard Fiedler lists at connectionbrazil.com
Wed Jul 4 02:13:18 BST 2007

Joe.VanQuakebeke at Ingenix.com wrote:

> I am trying use the checkout command with the -r Branch_tag. Everything
> seems fine except the implied -P.  How do you avoid that when working on
> a branch?  Is the -r the correct option to checkout a branch? I need the
> empty directories because they are part of an automated build process. 
> Is it better to do a cvs checkout, maybe without the -r option and then
> do a cvs update with -d -j branch_tag options?  

In this case, I'd probably run a checkout with the -r option and then an
update to get the empty directories. This seems to be the quickest
solution. (If you run a checkout without -r before, you may get all kinds
of files that you don't want and later have to update them to the branch.)

What I usually do if I need an empty directory in the repo is to place a
placeholder file in it so that it isn't empty anymore. 


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