[cvsnt] readonly checkouts (kopt x)

Michael Flad MichaelFlad at web.de
Mon Jul 9 15:34:04 BST 2007


I have a problem with readonly checkouts of files without any
kind of watch on them.

After looking at the files in the repository it seems that there's
an additional x in the kopt section of the ",v" files on the server so
as a blind guess (as these are the files with the problem) this might
be the reason.

These files are generated automatically so it's a real pain if they
become write protected after each checkout/update.
And I still have to put them into CVS because our revisions depend on
them becasue we do committ and tag revisions/releases often.

How can I remove that option flag from the files (tried cvs admin
without success) the way it should be done? I don't want to edit the
repository files manually if possible as I'd like to do the change
on the whole repository.

Thanks a lot,

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