[cvsnt] How to net stop/start CVSNT on Redhat Linux ES4?

r.pedroche.novillo at accenture.com r.pedroche.novillo at accenture.com
Mon Jul 16 10:34:38 BST 2007

  I do not think the first option will work at all.

  Stopping xinetd should be more than enough to ensure a stable
repository. I do not think there is any need to stop cvslockd.

  In fact, it is fairly overkill: it could be that other services are
hosted by xinetd (although in current Linux installations there are less
and less inetd-based services).

  A more elegant option would be to edit /etc/xinetd.d/cvspserver,
change the line "disabled = no" to "disabled = yes", send a SIGHUP to
xinetd, backup, undo modification and SIGHUP xinetd.

  Or, in RHES:

# chkconfig cvspserver off
# chkconfig cvspserver on

which will, in theory, do the same in less lines ;)

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  I see to do backups of a CVSNT repository on Windows you do a net
stop/start CVSNT,
  how to you do the same thing on Redhat Linux ES4? is it:
  service CVSNT stop
service CVSNT start
  wait for any cvs processes to complete that may be lingering
  stop cvslockd
  stop xinetd
  restart xinetd
  restart cvslockd
  Or something else altogether?
  Thanks in Advance, David

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