[cvsnt] Several questions on cvs usage

Gerhard Fiedler lists at connectionbrazil.com
Fri Jul 20 17:51:39 BST 2007

Chuck Kirschman wrote:

> It's interesting that "cvs status -q" is all but undocumented.  Most of 
> information on Google is about issues, not about using it.  

The search I usually use first for cvsnt questions:


Has this as second link:


Which contains:

status options

    Display only a quick summary of the status of each file. Specifying a
second -q option reduces the output still further, by supressing output for
up to date files.

FWIW and IMO, Google is becoming worse and probably never was a good
replacement for a manual (where there is one, of course :)

> I'll give it a whirl, but I still dislike the fact that it doesn't
> support -I!. 
> If there are ANY files in my source tree that aren't part of the source,
> I want to know about it.  

Why don't you globally un-ignore .exe and .dll and other files you don't
normally have in your build tree? That should give you what you want.


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