[cvsnt] OT: support.cvsgui newsgroup dead?

Mark Spacw markspace at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 29 03:04:07 BST 2007

Glen Starrett wrote:
> Mark Spacw wrote:
>>> Is this intentional? Or is it a problem with my reader?
>> Could be your reader or some other local (ISP?) problem.  I'm seeing a 
>> steady, if small, stream of messages, some posted after you did.
> I got the same message.  I think the mirrored copy was removed from the 
> news.cvsnt.org server.  It's still working on another server elsewhere.
> Regards,

I also got this message after replying to the OP:

You just sent a message with the following subject to me:

"Re: OT: support.cvsgui newsgroup dead?"

This message requires that you verify that you are a real
live human being and not a spam source.

To complete this verification, simply reply to this message
and leave the subject line intact.


So perhaps his elaborate spam trap is messing things up as well...

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