[cvsnt] Looking for help in setting up Wincvs for windows.

Smita Puntula -X (spuntula - HCL at Cisco) spuntula at cisco.com
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Hi Nise
      Thanks a lot for replying 
      I have installed CVSNT server one PC and cleint on another PC. and also i am able to login to cvs server using cvs client and can list the files in the CVSROOT directory.
The problem I am facing now is adding the directory which is to be cvsed on server side. This what i did
In mycase CVSROOT directory is in "C:\cvsrepos\DSLInterop" I copied the code dir to be CVSed under the same location.
and from command prompt executed the following commands to add the directory to cvs.
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>cvs add Interoptoolcode
cvs add: in directory .:
cvs [add aborted]: there is no version here; do 'cvs checkout' first

It asks to checkout first, but until its cvsed how to checout it?? Please tell me how to proceed from here.
Also WinCVS is just an GUI interface rite, is it manadatory to have for using CVSNT?? the installation of WINCVS repeats the step done while installing the CVSNT, please clarify this part also.
Really apprecaite the help extended by you.


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What's your CVSNT version? Platform on which CVSNT is running?

Is CVSNT working?
For CVSNT chk the page:
And were you successful with the section ... "Testing the CVS connection

WinCVS installation guide:
(the WinCVS version may defer, but I think, the above doc is fine.)

WinCVS user's guide:

Check the above docs, and if u still face problem, tell us what EXACTLY the
problem is.


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Subject: [cvsnt] Looking for help in setting up Wincvs for windows.


      I have downloaded the Wincvs software and read the documentation,
but the docuement doesnt clearly tell  about how to configure it for
I want to setup wincvs to work on Windows m/cs which are in LAN. So
please help me with the procedure to be followed for setting up the
server and client.

Do I need to setup Putty also.Please help me as this is a very critical
requirement for my project.


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