[cvsnt] Undo Commit?

Arthur Barrett arthur.barrett at march-hare.com
Thu Jun 14 21:33:45 BST 2007


> >>   But, So you say even though we use those Admin commands and
> >> remove that version he accidentally did, still that has a history?
> > 
> > No - never ever ever use the admin command.
> I have (admittedly rare) applications for removing past 
> (obsolete) revisions. It seems that I'm not the only one, as 
> the "select non significant" revisions command in WinCvs 
> seems to show: someone took the effort to implement it, and 
> its main purpose seems to be to remove these revisions after 
> selecting them.

Ultimately it's a process issue - as I said originally - if you delete
one revision where do you stop?

uBut at a purely technical level - all "admin" commands are dangerous
(it's why they are called admin commands).  Deleting -kB revisions may
or may not work - my concern is that some people are treating the
"admin" command like the "update" command - the "admin" command should
only be ran by an admin and only after performing a full backup of the
repository, whereas "update" is ok for users to run.

I personally think any admin command in a GUI is a "bad thing" - it
propagates the myth that this is a "user command".

It's a bit like adding a GUI for fdisk into windows explorer.  You are
just going to end up with millions of PC users changing their partition
table - now most of the time that may be OK - but changing the partition
table is dangerous and should only be done by an admin after performing
a complete backup...

The "cvs admin" command already is restricted to admin users only - but
this is overridden (from memory) when in :local: mode (again :local:
mode is a "bad thing"), now "local mode", "cvs admin" and "wincvs" are
words that just go together too often and too easily...



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