[cvsnt] IDEA project update crosslinks module contents

Stelios Stavrou Sstavrou at velti.com
Fri Jun 22 08:48:47 BST 2007

Hi all


I have the following problem and I would appreciate any possible help


I'm using cvsNT server (2.5.03) with 2 main repositories on
WIN2003Server machine

Many developers are working on it with intelliJ IDEA 5.1.2 - 6.0 - 6.0.5
on both repositories


When developers do a fresh - module check out - in a local folder all
seem ok - indicating that the server structure remains correct. However,
upon project update their multi module projects (from the same
repository) get mixed up. For instance they are getting contents from
other modules in their project hierarchy - with no errors reported


I have also noticed something that I don't know if it is related to the
above or not. Occasionally the server CPU usage climbs to 100% based on
many cvs processes two of which have 50% each making the server
impossible to function.


Any opinions/advices/help would be of great help



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