[cvsnt] Advice on preferred protocol for internetdeploymentofCVSNT

Bo Berglund Bo.Berglund at system3r.se
Fri Mar 9 15:49:38 GMT 2007

And if you ever need to move that server somewhere else, all you need to
do is copy the virtual hard disk to the new machine and fire it up there
under Virtual Server and you have exactly the same server operating
Of course erase the old server's copy of the virtual hard disk file so
there is no chance of any time both being running at the same time....

Best regards,

Bo Berglund

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> From: Bo Berglund
> Is the webserver also on the home network or is it a server at a
> service provider?

It's based at one of the better* Manchester ISPs.

> If at home than they could install Microsoft Virtual Server on that
> machine and then create a virtual machine to handle the CVS stuff.

Good point.  It's an extra OS to manage, but it might well be worth the

		- Peter

* OK, less bad...
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