[cvsnt] Multiple vendor branches

Gerhard Fiedler lists at connectionbrazil.com
Mon Mar 12 12:52:28 GMT 2007

Johannes Kilian wrote:

> Now the following problems occur:
> * On the BETA vendorbranch 1.1.3.x some new files - which are missing in
> the RELEASE-vendorbranch 1.1.1.x - are introduced
> * Checking out the trunk 1.x again also the NEW FILES from
> BETA-vendorbranch 1.1.3.x are checked out - the TRUNK 1.x is a mixed up
> version now containing my modification and unmodified files from the
> RELEASE vendorbranch 1.1.1.x (that's what I expected) AND with  new
> files from the BETA vendorbranch 1.1.3.x (which I surely don't want to
> have on my trunk ...)
> Are there any explanantions on this behaviour and suggestions on how to
> handle this situation?

If I understand you correctly, this shouldn't be. What says the cvs status
of one of these rogue files?


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